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Activities to Do in Bodrum


Bodrum, located among the districts of Muğla, is a wonderful holiday destination with its historical sites and natural beauty. There are numerous options for activities to do in this town. In Bodrum, you can visit historical landmarks or go camping amidst natural beauty. Being a crossroads of civilizations, all these activities are quite enjoyable. Bodrum offers unforgettable experiences, attracting both local and foreign tourists. The activities to do in Bodrum include wine tasting, water sports, fishing, enjoying the nightlife, or indulging in the pleasures of Turkish baths.

This article will describe the activities to do in Bodrum under the following headings:

  • Bodrum Turkish Baths
  • Nightlife in Bodrum
  • Fishing
  • Wine Tastings
  • Yacht Tours
  • Water Sports
  • Nature Walks

Bodrum Turkish Baths

Turkish baths, known as “hamams,” are important symbols of Turkish culture. In Bodrum, these baths are open to local and foreign tourists to continue this cultural tradition. You can find hamams both in historical locations and within hotels. Enjoying pleasant time in these baths wearing traditional clothes allows you to have a cultural experience.

Nightlife in Bodrum

Nightlife holds a significant place among the activities to do in Bodrum. Bars, clubs, and venues that never close at night offer you the opportunity to have a great time with your loved ones. You can also discover your favorite artists and music in these venues and witness the performances of world-renowned DJs. For these reasons, Bodrum is a preferred destination for many.


Fishing is one of the activities to do in Bodrum, which is rich in fish species. You can engage in this activity by going out on your own boat or participating in organized fishing trips. You can also explore these fish by swimming in Bodrum’s clear and clean sea, enjoying pleasant moments.

Wine Tastings

Bodrum is an important location for wine production. Fresh wine production is carried out with vineyards in the region. One of the activities to do in Bodrum is to visit these producers and witness the stages of wine production. You can also taste the wines and purchase them if you wish.

Yacht Tours

Bodrum is an ideal destination for yacht tours with its shallow bays and crystal-clear sea. Especially, swimming in the clear sea by going offshore, spending pleasant moments in areas where only your loved ones are present, and making this visit meaningful are among the advantages of yacht tours.

Water Sports

Bitez, Gümbet, and Ortakent beaches in Bodrum are suitable areas for water sports. The balanced wind in this region allows for windsurfing. Diving spots can also be found in Bodrum, which offer shallow and safe areas for diving. Bodrum Castle is a popular choice in this regard.

Nature Walks

Nature walks are activities that almost everyone can enjoy in Bodrum. These walks, which do not require any difficulty, can be carried out for both long and short durations. With its mountainous areas and unique scenery, Bodrum offers enjoyable nature walks.

Apart from these, there are many other activities to do in Bodrum. As you start exploring this region, activity options will come in order. Bodrum offers activity routes that are worth choosing for you and your loved ones.



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