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Kuşadası Food and Drink Culture


Located within the borders of the Aegean Region, Kuşadası encompasses the flavors of Aegean cuisine in abundance. Additionally, due to its ability to offer diverse flavors not only locally but also internationally, many people are curious about the food and drink culture of Kuşadası. In general, Kuşadası’s food and drink culture highlight dishes made from seafood, olive oil-based dishes, wines as beverages, and desserts flavored with syrup and milk. Both local and foreign visitors eagerly look forward to experiencing the culture of Kuşadası to taste dishes made with fresh vegetables and wines produced from vineyards.

To determine which dishes and beverages you would prefer when visiting Kuşadası, you can follow the headings below within the text:

  • Dishes made from seafood
  • Olive oil-based dishes
  • Beverages
  • Desserts flavored with syrup and milk

Dishes Made from Seafood

As a coastal settlement, Kuşadası frequently utilizes seafood. Fresh and delicious seafood such as mussels, shrimp, calamari, and various fish species are featured on restaurant menus with different cooking techniques. You may particularly want to engage in this activity with your loved ones.

Olive Oil-Based Dishes

Olive oil-based dishes are quite famous in the Aegean Region. Thanks to the region’s cultivation of olives and the availability of the freshest vegetables, unique and flavorful dishes are prepared. These dishes captivate everyone both in terms of health and taste. Among the dishes made in Kuşadası are:

  • Stuffed vine leaves 
  • Eggplant dish 
  • Stuffed artichokes 
  • Olive oil-based appetizers 
  • Spinach pancakes 
  • Stuffed squash blossoms 
  • Purslane salad/dish (semizotu salatası/yemeği)
  • Fava bean puree (fava)


Due to its location, Kuşadası is situated where many fruits and vegetables are gathered at their freshest state. Among the beverages available here, wine takes the forefront. There are numerous wine tasting points within Kuşadası. Additionally, freshly squeezed fruit juices are also preferred beverages during the summer months. Furthermore, various cocktails can be made with fresh fruits.

Desserts Flavored with Syrup and Milk

Fig, which is a symbol of the Aydın province, is used in many different desserts. In Kuşadası, a dessert called “incir uyutması” (fig lullaby) is made. This dessert includes figs, milk, and cinnamon. It is preferred as a refreshing and light dessert that can be consumed cold during hot summers. Another dessert included in the food and drink culture of Kuşadası is “zerde”. This dessert, which can be easily made with rice, turmeric, and starch, wins the hearts of many with its color and aroma. Moreover, syrup-based desserts such as baklava and kadayıf are also commonly consumed in Kuşadası.

The food and dining culture in Kuşadası has been enriched by the influence of civilizations that have inhabited the region throughout history. It is possible to encounter traces of both Western and Eastern cultures in the cuisine. While the use of spices and meats reflects the influence of Eastern culture, the dishes made with local vegetables and olive oil signify the influence of the West. Kuşadası offers visitors a variety of culinary experiences.



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